Carloh is expanding!

7 new stations and 14 additional vehicles complete our fleet!

In a logical continuation of development and in order to expand the infrastructure of CARLOH stations, it has been decided to add 7 new stations – not only to strengthen our presence in certain chief districts, but also to inaugurate new stations in some districts where we were not yet present.

Thus, the districts of Cents, Cessange, Rollingergrund, Hollerich and the Kirchberg Plateau will now be served by new stations.

The Bonnevoie and Gare districts will be strengthened by the opening of a second station each.

Among the new vehicles, CARLOH provides 2 cars equipped with automatic gearboxes.



From 16 October 2019

10 | NANCY STATION  | Place de Nancy  L-2213 Luxembourg

From 18 October 2019

11 | CARMEL STATION  | Allée du Carmel  L-1354 Luxembourg

12 | PESCATORE STATION | Place Maurice Pescatore  L-1526 Luxembourg

From 30 October 2019

13 | SIGISMOND STATION  | Rue Sigismond L-2537 Luxembourg

14 | FRÊNES STATION  | Rue des Frênes  L-1549 Luxembourg

15 | STRASBOURG STATION  | Rue de Strasbourg  L-2561 Luxembourg

16 | NOPPENEY STATION | Rue Marcel Noppeney  L-2231 Luxembourg




Combustion vehicles
19 vehicles, including 1 vehicle with automatic transmission/strong>
100% electric vehicles
3 vehicles with automatic transmission
Combustion vehicles
9 vehicles, including 1 vehicle with automatic transmission