Getting started


CARLOH is the first provider of professional Carsharing which gives you access to a fleet of cars in the city of Luxembourg. The cars put at your disposal by CARLOH are allocated in the heart of the main city districts, near the central station and in the city centre.

The principle is very easy: After the validation of your inscription, and after your participation in a mandatory information session, you can easily make your reservations for one of the cars of CARLOH.


A personal car is not only an important investment; it also means regular and unpredictable costs of maintenance and insurances. You also need to have a parking area or a garage, bring your car to service, technical check and take care of maintenance.

Many of us own a car but do not use it very often, for less than 10.000 km or even 5.000 km. What’s more, public transport is getting better and more efficient, and the need for a personal car is becoming less and less necessary for many of us.
CARLOH offers you a real alternative if you need a car from time to time. Discover our services, our cars, our stations and our competitive prices!


Imagine a city cleaned of most of its cars, not only the moving cars, but also the cars standing along the roadside, for days or weeks, without driving a single kilometre!

Our project is very simple: Make people less dependent of cars without “banning” them into public transports, for the best of everyone!
In fact, every car of CARLOH is able to replace 8 – 12 personal cars which can really change our environment for a better, and make us save a lot of money!

Moreover, the possibility of using electric cars makes you keep your transport options while adopting an ecological and responsible behaviour!


You like to walk, you regularly use public transport, or you ride a bike to reach your destination? But sometimes, you need a car? CARLOH probably has the perfect solution for you!

CARLOH offers you a flexible and simple way to use a car, whenever it is necessary.
The comfort is to have a car nearby at your disposal, without worrying about anything!

CARLOH takes care of repair and maintenance costs, the insurance, parking, and the cleaning of the car. CARLOH not only offers you a simple and customized solution, it also has a more favourable price than owning a car! With CARLOH, y ou only pay the car when you really use it!

Good to know!

We take care to buy cars with low emissions of CO2, nitric oxide (NOx), low-level noise pollution and consumption. We try to follow the German standard “Der Blaue Engel” (Blue Angel) for our whole fleet. (