Shell card and Carloh’s electric vehicles charging

All our combustion vehicles are equipped with a Shell card. These cards give you access to the Shell and the Esso networks all over Europe, in order to fill the tanks of Carloh’s combustion cars.

You can charge our electric vehicles at the stations where you picked them up by using the charging card of the car. Each user of an electric car from Carloh must compulsorily charge the vehicle at the end of their trip.

Never less than 1/4

It is not convenient to take a Carloh car with less than ¼ of tank remaining. You will have to start your trip by looking for a fuel station. In case that your car has less than ¼ of tank remaining at your return, you are obliged to refuel the car by using the Shell Card before you return the car to its station.

Animal transport

The transport of animals is allowed in the cars in consideration of the hygienic and legal conditions! Animals must be transported in an appropriate animal box in the boot of the car! If an extraordinary cleaning of the car should be necessary after your animal transport, the costs will be charged to you.

No smoking!

Out of respect for the non-smoking customers and also for the cars, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the cars of Carloh. If you realize that the previous user of the car has been smoking in the vehicle, please contact the Call Centre immediately!

Are other persons than me allowed to drive the car?

Yes, they are, as long as you are also present in the car and the driver has a valid driving license and is in condition to drive a car.
It is forbidden to let another person drive the car when you are not with him, except if that person is registered as authorized driver in your contract. In this case, please call the Call Centre and change the drivers name in your reservation.

Driving abroad

You want to spend a weekend in Belgium or France? You have to go for business abroad? Go ahead!
You can use the cars of Carloh all over Europe. The SHELL Card is valid in every SHELL or ESSO station in Europe!

Can I extend or shorten my reservation?

Of course you can extend your reservation! You can do so by using the Carloh App, by calling the Call Centre, or online at myCarloh.lu.

Extend :

Call the Call Centre BEFORE the end of your reservation. You have two possibilities:
a) Your car has not been reserved by another customer after your trip: you can now extend your reservation free of costs.
b) Another customer has booked your car for the time after your reservation. In this case, you cannot extend your reservation. In case that it is impossible for you to return within your booking period, your reservation must be extended. You will be charged with a fee of 15€ which will be credited to the disadvantaged following customer.

To reduce a reservation, you have two possibilities:
a) You can reduce or cancel your reservation free of charge until 24 hours before the beginning of your trip.
b) If you reduce or cancel your reservation within 24 hours before the beginning of you trip, the cancelled time (from 30 minutes onward) will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate (cancellation rate).

What must I do when I lose my client card?

In case of loss of your client cart, please immediately contact the Call Centre in order to avoid abuse of your card! After this, you can order a new card.

What must I do when I forgot my PIN?

In this case, please contact the Call Centre (24h/24), they will help you!

Look out: the reservation hotline cannot help you with this problem.

Do I always have a parking spot?

Every car of Carloh has its own parking area. You pick up your chosen car from your chosen station, and bring it back to the same station. To be sure that your parking spot is still available at your return, please make sure to put up the parking barrier before you leave!

When can I pick up my car?

Day and night, 7 days a week.

You can open your booked car at every moment with your client card during your reservation period. Of course, you will not be able to open the car before your reservation time. The car is blocked for you during the whole time of your reservation, so it is no problem to open your car even hours after the beginning of your reservation.

Can I return my car to another station?

No, you can’t. You have to return the car to the same station where you picked it up from! It is as if you own a car, you will always park it in your garage.

What must I do in case of an accident?

In this case, please stay calm and follow the instructions in the logbook. If you have a breakdown on the highway, please immediately place yourself behind the crash barrier!

1. Please ensure that the car is parked at a safe place and secure the place of the accident with the warning triangle. Please do never sign a consent form!
2. Please call the Carloh Call Centre as quick as possible. We will note all information and immobilize the car if necessary!
3. Please fill out the accident report that you find in the glove box and send it to Carloh in the best delay!
Important: You have to call the police and fill out the accident report, even if it is a small damage! If possible, please note the personal data of the opposite party. If you have an accident on the highway, please go directly behind the crash barrier!

Carloh will take care that the necessary steps are taken.

Do I have a guarantee to receive a car in case of need?

Carlo tries to offer you the best service and to make sure that you can dispose of a car at any given moment. Do not hesitate to book well in advance, as this will increase your certainty of having a car at the station of your choice

What must I do in case of a breakdown?

Don’t worry: Every car of Carloh has a support contract with ACL.

In the logbook, you will find instructions for the case of an accident and the phone number of your assistance. The Helpline is available 7d/7 and 24h/24. Please stay near your car until the mechanic of ACL has checked the car. He will decide if the problem can be solved locally or if the car has to be towed. If you have a breakdown on the highway, please immediately place yourself behind the crash barrier!
Do not hesitate to contact the Call Centre if you have any problem! An assistant will make sure that you have a replacement car and will inform the following client that the car is out of order.

Driving electric: Is it easy?

Get and drive an electric vehicle often seems to represent many barriers: but in practice, it’s very easy. Driving an electric vehicle is the same experience as driving an automatic combustion vehicle. Regarding the battery life, these cars have a battery life of 100 km and even 200 km for the newest models: this type of car offers you comfort as well as a highly appreciable silence! In terms of charging an electric vehicle, you can simply do it directly at the station where the car is parked.

Information sessions

The participation in our information session is mandatory for every client, because it will guarantee the understanding and the most efficient use of our cars and services.
Carsharing means to share a vehicle with several users. To make sure that everyone is finding his best way to use Carloh, it is important to sensitize our clients to the rules and expected behaviour. The objective is that every client of Carloh is completely satisfied!

How long in advance can I make a reservation?

It is good to know that a car is available for you at any moment. With Carloh, you can make your reservation up to 90 days in advance! The earlier you book, the better your chances are to get your car at your station!

Can I make a last minute reservation?

Yes, you can book and drive immediately!
As soon as you have made your reservation via our App, online or at the Call Centre, it will take no more than 5 minutes to send the data to your car. You can then open your car with your customer card and drive.

Is it necessary to define my time of return?

Yes, it is mandatory to define the time of your comeback!
Advice: It is better to plan a time reserve than to stress yourself while returning the car! In case that you come back earlier than anticipated, the remaining time will be cancelled automatically when you close the car with you client card. The cancelled time will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate. (Cancelling rate)

How long can I book a car?

You cannot book a car for less than 1 hour. A reservation can be finished every 15 minutes.
You can reserve a car from Carloh no longer than 3 days.