What must I do in case of an accident?

In this case, please stay calm and follow the instructions in the logbook. If you have a breakdown on the highway, please immediately place yourself behind the crash barrier!

1. Please ensure that the car is parked at a safe place and secure the place of the accident with the warning triangle. Please do never sign a consent form!
2. Please call the Carloh Call Centre as quick as possible. We will note all information and immobilize the car if necessary!
3. Please fill out the accident report that you find in the glove box and send it to Carloh in the best delay!
Important: You have to call the police and fill out the accident report, even if it is a small damage! If possible, please note the personal data of the opposite party. If you have an accident on the highway, please go directly behind the crash barrier!

Carloh will take care that the necessary steps are taken.